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Vintage Floral Meditative Art PBN Kit

Vintage Floral Meditative Art PBN Kit

Combining art and meditation is a match made in heaven. The soothing strokes of the brush, the meditative colors, and the therapeutic feeling of creating something beautiful come together to provide a sense of calm and relaxation. Plus, the act of creating can help boost your mood and give you a sense of accomplishment. Why not try it for yourself? Connect to your inner creative + find your flow.

Each set includes one 12” x 18” poster with numbered and outlined design, two paint brushes, a paint set, and also includes an instructional sheet with a link to beautifully calming meditations and ambient nature sounds to help you get into your creative headspace.

Upgrade your art with a 12” high quality bamboo magnetic frame. This frame rounds out the set as a ready-to-display piece of art.

*Please note: Wholesale Orders require a minimum of $150 in order to ship.

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What skill level would you consider these designs?

Our paint by number kits are designed for all skill levels (including those who think they have no skills at all).

What kind of meditations and journaling prompts are included?

Each kit includes a QR code that takes you to your very own exclusive library of simple guided meditations to listen to before getting started. Along with that, you'll find tips on setting up your space, using rituals to make your time special, and journaling prompts to use during or after your meditative art experience. These prompts are designed to help you deepen your therapeutic experience.

What is the benefit of the magnetic frame?

The magnetic frame serves as a simple and elegant way to display your finished artwork. With its modern and minimal bamboo design, it elevates your new piece of art, making it a focal point in any room.

Is this something to experience alone or can I paint in a group?

You have the flexibility to do either! Painting alone allows you to focus on personal growth, self-realization, or processing emotions. On the other hand, painting in a group setting is a great way to connect with others, express yourself, and deepen your community connections.

I finished my artwork and have some leftover paint. What can I do with the extras?

You're in luck! We have an Etsy shop that features digital paint by number kits. If you're into DIY and have a printer at home, you can purchase a digital kit and create even more beautiful art. It's a super economical way to continue your meditative art process. You can find digital products at

Can I send this as a personalized gift?

Absolutely! When you purchase your art kit, simply choose the "gift card" option, and we'll include a beautiful card with the option to leave a personal message. It's a thoughtful and personalized gift perfect for any occasion.