Introducing our new Meditative Art Kits

Rediscover the lost art of self-care through creativity

Experience the ultimate in relaxation with our meditative painting kits, complete with audio meditations to enhance your painting experience. With everything you need to create a beautiful piece of art and promote mental well-being, our kits are the perfect combination of creativity and tranquility. Try it out for yourself and discover the transformative power of art and meditation today!

What is Meditative Art?

Meditative art (also known as therapeutic art) blends traditional guided meditations with a creative, therapeutic art activity. This is a powerful method to help you tap into self discovery and healing. These meditations are designed for everyday people. There’s absolutely no experience needed.

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“Breathe People’s guided meditations + therapeutic art help me work through intense anxiety and fear that usually left me isolated and debilitated. I’m so grateful I gave it a try.”

— Julia M, podcast listener

Rediscover the lost art of self-care through creativity

Do you have specific questions on how therapeutic art can help you? Email me below. I’d love to chat.