Combine Guided Meditations + Calming Rain Sounds For Deep, Profound Rest

Combine Guided Meditations + Calming Rain Sounds For Deep, Profound Rest

Have you ever noticed the sense of calm that comes over you when you listen to the rain? It's like the whole world is given a moment to cleanse and reset.

Maybe it's just me, but I'd give anything for a good rainstorm. We're ending one of the longest, hottest summers in Phoenix, and my body is aching for a change in season – a real change, with thunderstorms, falling leaves, and crisp mornings.

So, what is it about nature sounds, particularly rain, that calms our systems?

When we listen to the gentle, rhythmic patter of rain, it connects with our body's natural rhythms like our heartbeat and breathing. This synchronization promotes a deep sense of relaxation.

Think of how we connect rain with peaceful environments, like lush forests or cozy indoor spaces, and how it makes us feel safe and comfortable. These soothing auditory experiences trigger the release of stress-relieving hormones like dopamine and serotonin, reducing anxiety and promoting a serene state of mind. It's no wonder that rain sounds are a natural remedy for stress and tension.

I've created this Deep Sleep Yoga Nidra guided meditation for those of you who struggle with getting a restorative night's sleep. The gentle, yet profound power of yoga nidra paired with light rain sounds will help to unwind, release, and find deep rest. Enjoy."


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