Meditative Art: Calming Anxiety

Meditative Art: Calming Anxiety

Throughout our everyday life we find ourselves in situations where we feel lost, unsettled and deeply anxious.  When we become overwhelmed we can feel restless and frustrated. We struggle to ground ourselves. We find it difficult to still our bodies and minds. We can’t control what life presents us with, we can choose how we respond to whatever life throws at us.


To calm my own anxiety, I turn to the simple practice of meditative art as a means of self-soothing. They've consistently proven effective in helping me navigate my emotions when words alone fell short. This meditative art form through doodling offers an excellent avenue to calm your nervous system, guiding your mind to gently decelerate, encouraging focus on your breath, and fostering a profound sense of presence. If you're grappling with anxiety or find it challenging to quiet your mind, I wholeheartedly encourage you to give this doodle practice a shot. I promise you, there's no way to go wrong!


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