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Hello new friend!

I want to start with a warm welcome and thank you for being here.  Just by showing up, I already know you understand how therapeutic art making can be.  I want to give you a few tools to help you on your creative journey, whether you're using one of my Meditative Art Kits, or if you're doing your own thing. 

Using art for self care is a really great way to calm anxiety, to bring yourself into the present moment and to tap into your creative side. I've created the meditations below to help you release mind chatter and get in the right head space to tap into your creative flow.

So, when you're ready to create, I encourage you to create a cozy space for yourself and listen to a meditation before you start painting. 

Meditation for Anxiety Relief

Meditation for Tapping into your Create Flow

Meditation for Being Present


BONUS- Here are my favorite soothing nature sound recordings.  I use these while I'm creating, They feel cozy and calming and really help me clear my mind and be fully present in the moment.

Calming Thunderstorm

Ocean Waves

Peaceful Rain Shower


Did you know I have a podcast, full of soothing yoga nidra guided meditations? If you like what I offer here, make sure to take a listen to  my podcast, Breathe People. The meditations on my podcast focus deep rest, sleep and calming anxiety.  


Enjoy your creative time. If you ever need anything or would just like to connect, please reach out to me. I always have room for a new friend.



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