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Meditative Clay Making Kit

Meditative Clay Making Kit

As our world becomes more digital, there is a growing desire for creative activities that allow us to relax, engage hands-on as an act of self-care. We desire authentic, real-life experiences that allow us to be present, and that's precisely what Breathe People's Meditative Art Clay Kits offer.

Each clay kit includes the following: 1 pound of air dry clay, a set of carving tools, one rolling pin, acrylic paints, 2 wood paint brushes, along with project instructions and link to recorded guided meditations and journaling prompts, designed to help you deepen your meditative art experience.

How is clay making a meditative activity?

Experience Calm: Working with clay is incredibly soothing and promotes heightened mindfulness, guiding us to the present moment and diverting attention from your daily stress.

Stay Present: Working with clay demands focus and attention. Shape, mold, refine – it's an immersive experience that clears your mind, creating a meditative escape.

Express Yourself: Clay is your canvas for self-expression. Pour your emotions into your creation, offering a therapeutic release and a unique outlet for your thoughts.

Get Physical: Knead, pound, shape – the hands-on nature of clay is physically cathartic, releasing tension and promoting a grounded, relaxed state.

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What is air dry clay?

Unlike conventional clays, air dry clay doesn't require kiln firing. Our clay is enriched with fibers that enhance it's strength once dried

How long does it take clay to dry?

Clay takes 48 hours to dry before you can begin painting. Being patient is part of the process!

How will I know what to make?

Our kits include instructions on how to make a pinch pot and a ring dish, plus we have additional project ideas on our site. Just use the QR code included in the instruction booklet.

What happens if my clay dries out?

Clay is a reusable material. If you accidentally leave your clay unattended and dries out, simply put it in the bag provided, add a bit of water and seal shut. The water will absorb into the clay and will be usable in a day or two.