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Elephant and Giraffe PBN Kit

Elephant and Giraffe PBN Kit

Introducing our set of two 8x8”" Paint by Numbers Kits for children, designed to unleash unplugged creativity and foster mindfulness and well-being in young minds. 

Here's why these highly giftable kits are a must-have:

Digital detox from screens: Encourages children to step away from screens and engage in a hands-on, screen-free activity that sparks creativity and imagination.

Sensory relief for anxious minds: With each brushstroke, children immerse themselves in a calming, tactile experience, providing relief for restless or anxious thoughts.

Explores nature and animals: Our kits feature vibrant nature and animal scenes, offering a refreshing escape from the digital world and encouraging a deeper connection with the natural world.

Promotes Mindfulness and Concentration: By focusing on filling in each numbered space, kids develop mindfulness and concentration skills, helping them stay present in the moment.

Each kit comes complete with two unique 8x8” high-quality canvas paper, two natural wood paint brushes, acrylic paint pots and painting instructions and tips. And to top it off, the box turns into a travel easel! 

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What skill level would you consider these designs?

Our kids paint by number kits are designed for kids ages 8 and up at all skill levels.

What is the benefit of the magnetic frame?

The magnetic frame serves as a simple and elegant way to display your finished artwork. With its modern and minimal bamboo design, it elevates your new piece of art, making it a focal point in any room.

I finished my artwork and have some leftover paint. What can I do with the extras?

You're in luck! We have an Etsy shop that features digital paint by number kits. If you're into DIY and have a printer at home, you can purchase a digital kit and create even more beautiful art. It's a super economical way to continue your meditative art process. You can find digital products at