Why I Love Paint By Number Kits

Why I Love Paint By Number Kits

I have a deep love for paint by number kits. It's not just about the ones I personally create; I genuinely admire the entire concept. The ability to switch off my mind and follow the guidance of numbers while still tapping into my creativity brings me so much joy. Sometimes I revel in the absence of decision-making.

As an artist, I am often questioned about my seemingly odd love for paint by number kits. Some assume they’re beneath my artistic capabilities or designed exclusively for the uncreative. Not so. That couldn't be further from the truth.

I want to share why I adore PBN kits and explain why they are an ideal creative and meditative outlet, even for the most novice creative folks. And why anyone can embark on a healing journey using Meditative Art paint by number kits.


  • Guided Flow: These kits offer a structured yet forgiving space, where I can freely explore my creativity, make mistakes, and tap into my artistic self. With clear outlines and numbered sections, I can immerse myself in the process without the pressure of starting from scratch, allowing my creativity to effortlessly unfold. The whole process feels gentle and supportive.


  • Tranquil Escape: For me, engaging in creative activities is a refuge, a peaceful escape from the chaos of daily life. By picking up a paintbrush and delving into a paint by number kit, I can enter a serene space, leaving behind my stress and worries, and entering a state of calm and tranquility.


  • Safe Space for Beginners: Paint by number kits offer a safe space for beginners to embark on their creative journey. With structured guidance and a gentle flow, these kits nurture self-compassion and courage, allowing folks to explore and express their unique artistic voice.


  • Emotional Exploration: Paint by number kits provide a pathway to tap into and express emotions. Through creative activities like paint by numbers, we can delve into our inner world, allowing emotions to surface and be processed. Creative practices act as a channel for self-reflection and emotional exploration, fostering healing and personal growth.

Paint by number kits offer a beautiful refuge for those yearning to tap into their creative essence. With structured guidance and a tranquil flow, these kits create a safe space for self-expression and skill development, inviting people of all levels to embrace their often ignored creative side and experience the transformative power of creative healing.

Nigh Mushroom Paint by Number Kits

This is my current favorite from my Meditative Art collection.  You can find more here. 

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